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Featured Dental Pets

Shout out to these pets and their parents who made dental care a priority this month. February is National Dental Care Month, and that goes for our pets too! Here are some of the cuties who we helped. Their teeth, while maybe a few less than what they came in with,...

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The Commitment and Companionship of Adoption

Adopting a pet can provide years of love and companionship. However, it is also a multi-year commitment. Caring for a pet properly requires time and training along with financial and emotional support. Before adopting a new furry friend, be sure you are ready to...

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Featuring LVC Dental Technicians

Hats off to the hardworking nurses who clean your pet’s teeth! It is a difficult and yes..dirty job, but a rewarding one. Our nurses take tremendous pride in their work, and are meticulous in their craft. Our dental nurses have received formal training in examining...

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Longwood Veterinary Center’s Dental Promotion

If your veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning at your pet’s exam, and you schedule a cleaning within 2 months of that recommendation, we will offer you 10% off the entire procedure! We are happy to provide this incentive to help you treat signs of periodontal...

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My Dog has Dragon Breath… Help!!!

The pet health care environment is rapidly expanding and improving. In fact, veterinary health care recommendations are becoming comparable to recommendations our own doctors and dentists give us. Take dental care for example, we know what would happen to our teeth if...

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New Year, New Start: Resolutions with your Pets in Mind

At the start of each New Year many of us find ourselves planning new goals and assessing changes we wish to make for the year to come. This year, consider how you might incorporate your pet into these life changes. Doing so will not only improve the quality of your...

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How to Get Your Pet to Lose Weight

If your pet could make a New Year’s resolution would it be to lose weight, should it be to lose weight?  We are all guilty of showing love through cookies and treats.  Such expressions of love literally add up… in pounds that is!  Did you know that obesity can lower...

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Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Furry Friends

Need help finding the perfect gift for the furry friends on your list this year? Check out these fun recommendations: Dogs: Classic Kong The KONG is a sturdy toy that can keep dog occupied for hours. Stuff it with kibble or peanut butter and place in your pet's crate...

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Featured Employee: Jessica W.

Jessica has worked at Longwood as a receptionist since the hospital first opened in 1998. She enjoys working at the front desk and helping all of our clients. She is our “Miss Mary Sunshine”, always bubbly and smiling. She loves the fall and winter, decorating our...

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Is it a Good Idea to Gift a Pet?

We all are guilty of wanting to give the ultimate surprise, the most amazing, jaw dropping gift of all time. The gift of a puppy or kitten this holiday season would surely be remembered for years to come. At the risk of sounding like Scrooge, please consider these...

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Holiday Pet Hazards

To avoid emergency animal hospital visits this holiday season, steer clear of pet hazards such as: Visitors and commotion: Visitors and commotion can upset even the most social pets. Pets may become nervous or anxious from the excitement that often accompanies holiday...

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Laser Therapy and Veterinary Acupuncture

Longwood Veterinary Center proudly offers laser therapy and veterinary acupuncture near Chadds Ford, PA. These treatments are used to manage a variety of conditions and are generally well tolerated by the patient. Many of our senior pets have symptoms that could...

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Rimadyl Rewards Program

Pain due to arthritis is a common issue in aging pets. Often times an NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, is recommended to keep pets comfortable. Frequently, this will increase not only mobility, but overall quality of life due to decreased pain. Rimadyl is our...

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Seven Is Really a Senior?

So you have gotten through the puppy and kitten years. Your pet isn’t going potty in the house or climbing the curtains. He/she is active, happy and enjoying his or her maturity. Then all of a sudden, you get an email saying “Fluffy” needs to come in for a BI-ANNUAL...

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Meet Longwood Veterinarian: Dr. Parsons

Meet our Longwood veterinarian, Dr. Parsons! Dr. Parsons graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999. After graduation, she completed an internship in large animal medicine and surgery at the University of Georgia and her residency at New Bolton Center. Dr....

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Halloween Hazards

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s filled with excitement, creativity, and chocolate. Who could ask for anything more? Do you know what was more terrifying than binging on scary movies and gaining 10 lbs from overindulgence: An ER Trip to the Vet! We all...

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The Tale of the Zombie Tick

Could there be anything more frightening than the Wicked Witch of the West? Hold onto your "Toto" because the fact that we live in an area endemic for numerous tick borne diseases should send shivers up your spine. The most commonly encountered tick borne diseases in...

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Celebrating Longwood Veterinary Technicians

Longwood Vet Center has around twenty veterinary technicians on staff. Here are some fun facts that recognize all their hard work and passion. Experience ranges from 20+ years to 1 year. Lisa, Val, Dawn and Laura have been at Longwood Vet the longest – since they...

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