Pet Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Pet Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about giving, and that extends to our furry friends too! What makes for a great gift for your dog or cat? Our staff at Longwood Veterinary Center has a few suggestions for amazing gifts your pet will be sure to love for the upcoming holiday. Check out our pet gift guide below, and get started on your holiday shopping, because your pet deserves the best!

BarkBox Subscription

Make your doggo happy this Christmas with a monthly subscription to BarkBox! These totally customized boxes arrive at your home monthly and include themed toys and treats perfect for your pup. Subscriptions start at just $23 per month, and ensure a world of fun for your furry friend.

Apparel by Little Beast

Make sure your pup is the best dressed on the block with apparel from Little Beast! Find everything from onesies to turtleneck sweaters to puffer vests perfect for the winter weather, and dress your baby up in something pretty for the holidays.

Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

Captivate your kitty’s attention with this electronic, interactive toy with a rotating feather. This clever cat toy simulates prey popping out from six different areas at random, and creates fast-paced play for your pet. This toy will help keep your cat interested, nimble, fit, and mentally stimulated. Find the Ambush Interactive Cat Toy on Amazon.

iDig Diggin Toy by iFetch

Create a fun challenge for your pup with the iFetch iDig Stay Dog Toy! With this toy, you can load three flaps with your dog’s favorite treats and toys, so your pup can go dig them out. The Stay version is designed with a hard-shell plastic base, which is a great option for aggressive diggers. This toy brings to the table a great deal of mental and physical stimulation, and then rewards your dog with even more fun toys and treats! It really makes for a great holiday gift. Find the iDig Stay Dog Toy through

Fi Smart Dog Collar

They say this is the smartest dog collar on the market. The Fi Smart Dog Collar allows you to track your dog anytime, anywhere through the power of GPS and LTE-M cellular network. This device has features for backyard geofencing, dog walker monitoring, travel protection, and off-leash hiking/camping for all you adventurers out there. It is waterproof, dirt-proof, and foolproof! Learn more about this amazing smart collar, and consider this gift for your canine companion this year.

Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

Do you have a cold-natured baby on your hands? Well then this might just be the perfect holiday gift. Keep your pet safe and warm with the MET-listed Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper. Dual thermostats provide the perfect amount of pet-pleasing warmth in this heated bed, while also offering you the safety and efficiency of a low-wattage heater. The best part? The entire cover is washable, so you can keep it fresh and clean for your pupper, while also ensuring he or she stays warm and cozy all winter long. Find the Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper through

Furbo Dog Camera

With this handy dog camera, you can not only check in visually on your dog while you’re away from home, but you can also talk to your pet, and even toss treats to your dog from anywhere with a WiFi connection! Use the Furbo Dog Camera to interact with your pup while you’re away, but also to detect important events like barking, intruders, home emergencies, and more. You can even set it up to send you real-time notifications directly to your device. Keep your pet safe and happy this holiday season with the Furbo Dog Camera!

Bonne et Fliou Dog Macarons

Do you have a fancy pup at home who craves only the finest things in life? Then the Bonne et Fliou dog macarons will make for the perfect Christmas treat. If you’re looking to spoil your dog with the most luxurious dog treats imaginable, try these macarons, and other locally sourced and tasteful products perfect for your pet.

Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Toy

Get your dog a gift that will keep on giving this year! The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy is a very-fun interactive play ball that engages your dog’s natural curiosity and instinct to play. It features funny sounds and unique colors, as well as integrated motion. Three tubes inside the ball let out sounds as it rolls around the floor, and all without the need for batteries. Your dog will have loads of fun with this toy whether you’re home to join in or not!

Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket by L.L. Bean

Every adventure dog needs a blanket that’s built for hard wear and use. The Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket from L.L. Bean is a soft yet rugged, multipurpose dog blanket sure to keep your best friend comfy and warm no matter where your adventures take you!

No matter what you choose as gifts for your pets this year, we hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season. As always, call on our team at Longwood Veterinary Center with any need. We’re here for you!