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Veterinary FAQ near me in Kennett Square

Q: Is Longwood Vet AAHA accredited?

A: Longwood Veterinary Center is an AAHA accredited veterinary practice in Kennett Square, PA, which shows their commitment to excellence and providing quality veterinary care.

Q: Are members of the Longwood Veterinary Center team Fear Free® certified?

A:  Yes, several members of our team are Fear Free® certified. However, all staff are invested in the idea of promoting a considerate approach, gentle control techniques, and a calm environment to make your pet feel more comfortable and confident when visiting our hospital. 

Q: Is Longwood Cat Friendly Practice® certified?

A: Yes, Longwood Veterinary Center has received Cat Friendly Practice® certification through the American Association of Feline Practitioners Cat Friendly Practice® program. This program is leading the movement to make veterinary care less stressful for cats, their caregivers, and the entire veterinary team.

Q: Does Longwood accept credit card payments?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards.

Q: Does Longwood offer payment plans for vet bills?

A: Longwood Veterinary Center accepts payment plans through the nationally-recognized Care Credit program, allowing patients options to finance care for their pets.

Q: Does Longwood Vet offer virtual telemedicine appointments?

A: Longwood does offer telemedicine appointments for patients who have been seen in our hospital within the past year.

Q: Does the vet staff at Longwood treat pocket pets?

A: Several of the veterinarians at Longwood Veterinary Center enjoy seeing pocket pets and are capable of providing basic exotic medical care and offering advice on husbandry. However, if your pocket pet has a critical emergency or illness requiring additional diagnostics, we may refer you to local veterinarians who are board certified in the practice of exotic animal medicine.

Q: Does Longwood offer microchip services for pets?

A: The staff at Longwood offers the most widely used universal microchip available, Home Again, to increase the chance of a swift reunion in the event your pet should become lost.

Q: Should I get insurance coverage for my pet?

A: Although we are not affiliated with any pet insurance company, we strongly encourage all pet owners to purchase medical insurance for your pet. Pet insurance allows many people to pursue a level of medical care they would not otherwise be financially capable of.

Q: How important are vaccinations for cats and dogs?

A: Vaccinations are a vital and necessary part of preventative health care as they are our only line of defense against many serious and life threatening illnesses. Vaccination protocols are tailored to each animal based upon many factors including age, immune status, and risk of exposure.

Q: Do you have digital x-ray capability and laboratory services on site? 

A: Yes, we offer an array of advanced veterinary diagnostic services, including digital and dental radiography as well as in-house laboratory testing in order to fully serve our veterinary patients.

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