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Cat Owner Essentials

Veterinary Resources for Cats near me in Kennett Square

Getting Your Cat to the Vet:

The links below provide helpful tips to minimize the stress of taking your cat to the veterinarian.
Vet Visit Checklist
Tips for Visiting the Vet
Tips for Stress Free Vet Visits
Educational Videos

Environment, Behavior, and Enrichment:

Understanding your cat’s natural behaviors and needs is essential to keeping them happy and content.
Indoor Cat Needs
Understanding Cats
Cat’s Environmental Needs
Feline Life Stressors
Living with Clawed Cats
Alternatives to Declawing

What and How to Feed Your Cat:

There are hundreds of pet foods on the market, the choice of which one to use may seem impossible to make. We’ve made the decision easier for you by recommending you feed only brands that use feeding trials to develop and research their diets. Companies that validate nutrition information via feeding trials include Royal Canin, Science Diet, and Purina.


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Litter Box Management:

Understanding why a cat has stopped using their litter box is crucial to executing a plan to correct this behavior.
Feline House Soiling

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth:

Did you know cats need dental care too?
How to Guide

Giving Your Cat Medication:

Vet Med

Safety Tips:

Helping keep your pets safe is our number one priority.

Feline Heartworm Disease:

Feline Heartworm Disease has been shown to occur in both indoor and outdoor cats. There is no treatment for heartworm disease in our feline patients, therefore, prevention is our only means of managing this disease.

To learn more about heartworm disease, visit The Heartworm Society.

Recommended Yearly Preventatives:

Revolution Plus (topical) – Heartworms, fleas, ticks and some intestinal parasites
Seresto Collar — fleas and ticks
Frontline Plus (topical) — fleas and ticks
Drontal (tablet) or Profender (topical) — intestinal parasites

Introducing a New Cat to the Household:

Tips for introducing a new cat to your household.
Introducing a New Cat
Introducing Cats to Each Other

Senior Care Recommendations:

Regular health care is especially important for older pets. Diseases caught early are often more easily managed and may have better outcomes.
Special Considerations for Senior Cats
Understanding Your Pet’s Test Results

Pet Bereavement: Coping with the Loss of Your Pet

How to cope when you have to say goodbye.
Penn Vet
Lap of love


Cat Connections LLC

Boarding Kennels:

Wyeth Meadows Doggy Inn
Best Friends Pet Care
Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort
Vixen Hall Kennels
Dogtopia of Elsmere
Rebel Ridge

Pet Sitting Services:

Pet’s Best Friends
Safe at Home
For the Love of Dogs LLC

Local Retail Shops:

Giggy Bites

Other Excellent Online Resources:

Cat Friendly
Fear Free Happy Homes
Fundamentally Feline

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