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Cat Owner Essentials

Veterinary Resources for Cats in Kennett Square

Getting Your Cat to the Vet:

Is it stressful for you and your cat when getting ready to go to the vet? Here are some tips on getting your cat into the carrier and visiting the veterinarian.
Vet Visit Checklist
Tips for Visiting the Vet
Tips for Stress Free Vet Visits
Educational Videos

Environment, Behavior, and Enrichment:

Do you understand your cat’s daily needs and behaviors? Visit these sites for helpful information and tips for a better life for your cat!
Indoor Cat Needs
Understanding Cats
Cat’s Environmental Needs
Feline Life Stressors
Living with Clawed Cats
Alternatives to Declawing

What and How to Feed Your Cat:

There are so many choices in cat food available to us, the task of finding a healthy and safe diet may seem daunting. Our recommendations for choosing a food are actually quite simple; we recommend you choose a label that has validated its nutritional adequacy claims using feeding trials. This is well explained in the statement below:

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From www.Hillspet.com:


“Nutritional Adequacy Statement or “AAFCO Statement: Every pet food label must contain a statement and validation of nutritional adequacy. AAFCO regulations allow two basic methods for pet food manufacturers to substantiate claims. Formulation Method — Requires the manufacturer to formulate the food to meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for dogs and cats. This method is less time consuming and less expensive because feeding trials with pets are not required, only a calculation of the nutrient levels. An example of an AAFCO statement using the formulation method would be: “Brand ABC Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Cat Food Profiles for maintenance of adult cats.”

Feeding Trial Method — Requires the manufacturer perform an AAFCO-protocol feeding trial using the food as the sole source of nutrition. Gold Standard or preferred method. Documents the pets’ performance when fed the food. An example of an AAFCO statement using the feeding trial method would be: “Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Brand X Dog Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs.”

Companies that validate nutrition information via feeding trials include Royal Canin, Science Diet, and Purina.”

Generally speaking, we also recommend you feed a diet formulated for kittens until your cat is approximately 4-6 months of age. After this time you may slowly transition to an adult formula over a 4-6 week period. Cats over 10 years of age may benefit from a senior formulated diet that contains supplements like glucosamine and omega-three fatty acids.

Dietary recommendations will be discussed at each health visit while we assess your pet’s weight and assign a body condition score. Our hospital believes in the benefit of nutritional management of disease and we carry prescription diets as part of a multi-pronged approach to disease management. HOW we feed our cats is as important as WHAT we feed our cats. Learn how to feed your cat to benefit them physically and emotionally.

Litter Box Management:

Are you having difficulty with this? If so, please let us know right away since the sooner it is addressed the more successful we will be.
Feline House Soiling

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth:

Did you know that cats need dental care too?
How to Guide

Giving Your Cat Medication:

Vet Med

Safety Tips:

Check out these links for seasonal and holiday pet safety tips!

Feline Heartworm Disease:

Feline Heartworm Disease is a real threat for both indoor and outdoor cats. There is no treatment for heartworm disease in our feline patients. We recommend year-round heartworm prevention. To learn more about heartworm disease, visit The Heartworm Society.

Recommended Yearly Preventatives:

Revolution (topical) — Heartworms, Fleas, and some Intestinal Parasites
Revolution Plus (topical) – Heartworms, Fleas, Ticks and some Intestinal Parasites
Seresto Collar — Fleas and Ticks
Frontline Plus (topical) — Fleas and Ticks
Drontal (tablet) or Profender (topical) — Intestinal Parasites

Introducing a New Cat to the Household:

Are you having trouble introducing your new kitten to your adult cat at home? Is this your first cat? Here are some tips for introducing any cat to your household.
Introducing a New Cat
Introducing Cats to Each Other

Senior Care Recommendations:

Regular health care is especially important for older pets. Diseases caught early are often more easily managed and may have better outcomes.
Special Considerations for Senior Cats
Understanding Your Pet’s Test Results

Pet Bereavement: Coping with the Loss of Your Pet

How to take care of yourself, your family, and other pets when you’ve had to say goodbye.
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Carolyn’s Clean Critters
Cat Connections LLC

Boarding Kennels:

Best Friends Pet Care
Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort
Captain’s Quarters
Vixen Hall Kennels
Rebel Ridge Farms

Pet Sitting Services:

Pet’s Best Friends
Safe at Home
Brandywine Paw Patrol

Local Retail Shops:

Giggy Bites
Invisible Fence Paoli PA

Cat Community:

Powered by feline veterinarians, the cat community provides you with credible, valuable, and reliable educational information. You can learn more about your cat’s innate behaviors, the importance of routine veterinary care, how to take great care of your cat, and answer many of your questions.
Cat Friendly

Fear Free Happy Homes:

Fear Free Happy Homes is an online community offering education, tips, and deals to brighten your pet’s lives. Environmental enrichment and strengthening the human-animal bond, along with ways to reduce stress and anxiety are topics commonly addressed. Sign-up here.

Fundamentally Feline:

At Fundamentally Feline the focus is to address all aspects of a cat’s behavior that can be improved upon to help both cats and humans live more harmoniously together. Cat behaviorist Ingrid Johnson provides great advice, how-to videos, and even a place to purchase enrichment toys.

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