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Training & Puppy Socialization Near Me

Dog Training and Puppy Socialization near me in Kennett Square Pennsylvania

If you’re searching for “training and puppy socialization near me”, you might be wondering how behavioral problems occur in pets and how to avoid them. Perceived behavioral issues are one of the most common reasons pets are relinquished to animal shelters. Dogs and cats, in general, wish to avoid conflict. When behavioral problems occur, it is not due to a desire in your pet to “be bad” but a lack of training and recognition of a pet’s attempts at communication. This is why training and socialization is critical, and we can help get your companion on the right track.

Ideally, puppy socialization and training should begin by 8 weeks of age. Puppies need positive experiences with many different types of people, pets, and places in order to form bonds and feel safe and confident in any environment. Exposing your new puppy to friendly, healthy, and well-vaccinated animals is important. Consider a fun puppy class with similarly aged and vaccinated puppies to get your puppy off to the right start. Until your puppy has finished its core vaccine series, it is best to avoid high volume areas like dog parks or pet stores. You cannot be sure of the temperament or vaccination history of dogs you might encounter in such places.

Regardless of whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, it’s never too late to start training and socialization. The golden rule in either scenario is to use positive reinforcement and expose your pet to new situations slowly. You do not want your dog to become overwhelmed. New experiences should never be stressful but should be instrumental in giving your pet the confidence to want to explore new things. For sound advice please explore the AVSAB’s (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) position on the importance of puppy socialization here. Dr. Sophia Yin’s Book “Perfect Puppy in 7 days” is also an invaluable resource that offers great tips on house and crate training, basic commands, and socialization. At your next office visit, purchase your copy at LVC.

When you prioritize dog training and puppy socialization, you give your pet the opportunity to become more confident in a variety of scenarios. Training your dog to perform essential commands, such as recall, loose-leash walking, and heel, is not only important for their self-esteem but also for their safety and the safety of those around them. If you and your dog can master the most important commands, you both will have less anxiety surrounding public outings or encountering new people or animals.

Veterinary care is not just medical. At Longwood Veterinary Center we feel strongly one of our jobs is to recognize behavioral issues, and we can assist with training and puppy socialization near Kennett Square Pennsylvania. We help owners receive appropriate intervention, either from a competent trainer that employs positive reinforcement training techniques or a board-certified veterinary specialist in animal behavior. We encourage you to discuss any behavior related concerns you have with us at each wellness appointment.

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