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Having fun in the sun with your number one is easy during the summer!  Despite the summer heat we often have in Kennett Square, including your dog in summer activities can be done safely and is a blast! With all these fun things to do with your dog this summer, please remember: 

  • Make sure your furry friend stays hydrated!
  • Don’t walk your dog on hot pavement.
  • Never leave your dog alone in a parked car during the summer.
  • Use flea, tick and heartworm prevention year round but be especially diligent in the summer.
  • Keep your dog up to date on all vaccines, especially rabies, leptospirosis and Lyme.

With those safety tips out of the way, here are some of our favorite ways to have fun with your dog this summer!

Dog Swimming With StickDive In and Cool Off

Swimming is a great way to get your dog some outdoor exercise when temperatures are high. You can take your dog to a lake, river, beach, or dog-friendly pool to go for a dip. Toss a floating toy for them to retrieve or play together in the water! Always keep an eye on your dog and have plenty of fresh water for them to discourage them from drinking while they swim. Not all dogs are naturals in the water, so bring a life jacket to boost their confidence and help keep them afloat.

Go For a Walk Through the Woods

The shade of trees does an excellent job at keeping dogs, big and small, cool on hikes. Don’t forget there will be other people and pets on the trail, so be sure your puppy is used to other dogs.  Also, ensure that the hike is not too strenuous and that your little hiker is well hydrated the whole trek. Keep a firm hold on that leash! The squirrels in the woods provide extra excitement.

Throw a Backyard Pet Party

If your friends have dogs as well, why not have a backyard BBQ with your pet’s four-legged friends? You can pick a theme, get some dog treats, and celebrate the summer for bonus points! A backyard social is an excellent chance for the dogs to play and the owners to socialize. Be sure to have enough toys to go around and keep unsafe items like chicken bones or onion slices out of reach of the dogs.

Take Your Dog on a Camping Trip

Summer in Pennsylvania is the perfect season for camping with pets! Whether you’re a backpacker that goes on week-long adventures or a casual camper, your dog can be a great addition to your summer trips. Research the campsites, get the right gear, and have fun! Sunset strolls that lead to roasted wieners at a bonfire are just as lovely for dogs as they are for us humans.

Have Fun in the Sun

So whether you’re going on a hike to a campsite in the woods or taking a dip in your backyard pool party, this summer can be a great bonding experience for your dog and your family. Get out there and soak up the sun; just make sure the only hot dog is one in your hand and not on your leash! For location-specific recommendations, please visit our city guide page to see our favorite summer dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and more!