When considering your puppy’s development, socialization should be a top priority. Puppy classes with similarly aged and vaccinated puppies will get your puppy off to the right start. Also, the fun and exciting environment found in a good doggy daycare will help your puppy find friends and enjoy some time away from home. These are our three recommended ways to prepare for your first visit.

Tour the facility (with your pooch if possible!)

Don’t just stop by the front desk, ask to see exactly where your puppy will be spending the day. A quality doggy daycare will have no problem giving you a tour. Hesitation or pushback should be seen as a red flag. Pay extra attention to the doggy daycare’s cleanliness, amount of space and any potential dangers. Do they separate the dogs based on size or are all of them just thrown outside together?

Make sure you’ve done your homework.

The doggy daycare will likely expect your dog to be vaccinated, for the safety of your fur baby and the other dogs. When you choose an appropriate daycare for your dog make sure you understand and meet their specific expectations. Be prepared to provide medical information on your dog, including rabies vaccinations or other medical necessities. The staff may ask for up-to-date records of this information.

Leash up a collar that’s perfectly fit!

A properly fitting collar or harness with identification is essential for any daycare visit. A leashed pet is safer walking to and from the car. Proper equipment keeps your dog happy and safe.

LVC is here to help socialize your pet.

Regardless of whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, it’s never too late to start training and socialization. The golden rule in either scenario is to use positive reinforcement and expose your pet to new situations slowly. You don’t want to overwhelm your dog. New experiences should never be stressful but should be instrumental in giving your pet the confidence to explore new things.