A little girl and her golden retriever in matching super hero costumes.National Dress Up Your Pet Day was recently celebrated on January 14th. It has been an annual occurrence since 2009 when the “howl-iday” was created by pet-lifestyle influencer Colleen Paige. Paige encourages pet parents to take time on this day to have fun with their dogs, cats, and critters by dressing them up in cute, safe outfits and pet costumes. We at Longwood Vet Center would like to emphasize safety whenever costuming your furry friend.

A kitten in a ballerina tutu holding onto a ballet barre.Important Reminders for Pet Costumes

If your pet has worn clothing before and is comfortable doing it, feel free to give them fun outfits or costumes to wear! But please remember that any clothing that you put on your pet should allow them to see, hear, breathe, eat, and relieve themselves comfortably. We recommend you measure your pet for a paw-fect fit before purchasing a costume or accessory.

Pet clothing that is too large or too small can hinder their movement, and most options come with recommended pet sizes. All pet clothing should also be made of breathable material that prevents overheating even during this colder time of year. There should be no buttons, small pieces, or parts that your pet can chew off and swallow.

What if my pet doesn’t like dressing up?

If your pet doesn’t enjoy dressing up but you’d still like to costume them occasionally, a bow tie or bandanna is a good option. If your pet is used to a collar, many times they won’t notice much difference with a pet-specific bow tie or bandana. Crocheted collar roses and other decorative accessories are also available that slide onto a collar, providing a colorful addition that’s fashionable and fuss-free.

The Safest Step to Take

The safest way to celebrate a National Dress Up Your Pet Day or any other similar holiday is to put your pet’s costume on, take your cute pictures, then remove the clothing items right away. No matter what costume or clothing you choose for your pet, supervise them the whole time they’re wearing it.

Whether it’s a sharp bow tie, a warm jacket or a taco costume, tons of pet parents love to create costumed memories with their four-legged family. Snazzy outfits are a perfect opportunity to celebrate your pet and share that joy with others. To see some of our favorites, check out photos of our furry friends here!