Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for your PetsIt’s spooky season, friends, but let’s make sure not to spook your pets too much. The Halloween holiday can be incredibly fun for pet parents, but there are plenty of things to bear in mind to keep your furry friends happy, safe, and secure during this fall holiday. Here are a few Halloween safety tips for pets that you should bear in mind this season.

Safeguard the Candy

Halloween is all about treats, and oftentimes those treats can be harmful to your pets if ingested. So stash the candy bowl! Chocolate in all forms, especially dark chocolate and baking chocolate, can be very dangerous to both cats and dogs. Also some sugar free candies that include the ingredient xylitol can be very toxic to animals. It’s best to make sure these treats are out of reach of your pets at all times. In the event that your dog does ingest chocolate or something toxic, contact your Longwood veterinarian immediately.

Don’t Spook ‘Em

The traditions that accompany this particular holiday can keep a flurry of trick or treaters and other visitors coming to your door throughout the evening. This can be really stressful for some pets! Bear this in mind as you make your Halloween plans and preparations. Consider keeping your dog or cat in another room or somehow sequestered from the front door where the activity is focused. If you choose to keep your pet in that area of the house with you, be sure to keep him from darting out the door when you open it. It’s also important to ensure your pet is wearing proper ID tags or is microchipped in case he somehow gets out on this wild night. If you are concerned your pet may become overwhelmed by the celebration or that keeping them sequestered to a quiet room may not be enough, speak with your Longwood veterinarian about prescribing medications to reduce anxiety for your pet on Halloween night.

Pet Costumes

Dressing up your pet for Halloween can be a cute and creative way to celebrate; however, for some pets this may cause unnecessary stress or discomfort. If you do choose to dress up your pet in a Halloween costume, make sure the costume is comfortable and does not limit your pet’s movement or range of motion, inhibit sight or breathing, or cause undue anxiety. You’ll also want to check the costume for moving parts or pieces that could present a risk of intestinal blockage if your pet were to ingest them.

Halloween Safety Tips for your PetsSafe Decorations

Fun and festive decorations are a big part of what makes Halloween so great, but be conscious of safety too. A knocked over jack-o-lantern could start a fire, while pumpkins and decorative corn can cause stomach issues for pets if ingested. Other plastic decorations could be tempting chew toys, so you’ll need to ensure your pet is safe from these potential hazards.

Pet Friendly Treats

It’s also a great idea to have some pet-friendly treats at the ready for those who bring their furry pals along on their trick-or-treating adventures. Some brands even have festive trick-or-treat-ready snacks perfect for the dogs in your neighborhood. Having special treats on hand for these pup friends can help include them in the festivities this holiday season, while also keeping them safe. Happy Howl-oween!