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Dear clients and friends of Longwood Veterinary Center. We want to thank all of you for the patience and respect you exhibited to our staff during the pandemic. While navigating uncharted waters we did our best to keep both clients and staff safe and healthy, allowing us to provide uninterrupted care for your pets during an unprecedented time. We have been closely following the ever changing guidelines of the CDC regarding best business practices throughout the pandemic. Therefore, as of Monday June 7th, we will resume in person office visits. We know many of you will find this news exciting while others may have become accustomed to curbside service and wish for it to continue. Many of you will have some questions. Hopefully the following information will help answer your questions and allay any concerns.

  1. Will masks be required to enter the hospital? Yes. Regardless of your vaccination status, we ask that you please wear a mask out of respect to fellow community members.
  2. Should I call the hospital when I arrive or walk right in? Please call the hospital upon arrival. To minimize traffic in the waiting room areas, nurses will escort patients and clients from the parking lot directly to an exam room.
  3. I really enjoyed curbside service, do I have to come into the hospital with my pet? No, if you prefer curbside service you do not need to accompany your pet into the hospital. Just call upon arrival and let us know you would like to remain in your car. The doctor will call you after the examination is complete.
  4. I prefer getting medications in the vestibule rather than waiting in line at the front desk, can this continue? Absolutely! We have received much positive feedback regarding call ahead food and medication orders that are placed in the front vestibule for pick up. Medication and food orders will continue to be handled in this manner; however, the pick up location has been moved to the cat waiting room area. If you wish for other arrangements, please call to speak with a staff member.
  5. Can an unlimited number of family members accompany a pet? Although we permit as many family members as you wish to bring along for the visit, we feel pets do best with one or two family members to comfort them rather than large groups of people. In most situations, we prefer you select one or two family members to accompany the pet.
  6. Drop off appointments were very helpful to me, will these still be available? Yes, previously arranged drop off appointments will continue to be available.
  7. Will house call visits be available? Yes, on a case by case basis, as per doctor availability when scheduled in advance.

As a courtesy we ask you to please make arrangements for another person to bring your pet to us if you or a family member have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, or you are simply not feeling well. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 610-388-3388. We appreciate your continued patience, kindness and respect.

The staff of Longwood Veterinary Center