Spring has completely sprung, and the temperatures are bringing us closer to summer. For cat owners, this means kitten season is here. It’s estimated that between 60 and 100 million cats in the U.S. are homeless. Spaying and neutering helps prevent that number from growing. If your cat isn’t neutered or spayed, now’s the perfect time to schedule a visit to Longwood Veterinary Center!

Kitten Inside A Recovery Cone

Neutering is good for boys…

Male pets frequently exhibit behavioral improvements after being neutered. The procedure can limit aggressive behaviors and prevent inappropriate behavior such as urine marking their territory (your house). Unneutered pets searching for a mate will sometimes make escape attempts, finding themselves in danger due to traffic, other animals, or even just getting lost. Lastly, when you neuter your male pets, you eliminate their potential for developing testicular cancer and some other prostate issues that could become a problem later in life.

And spaying is good for girls!

There are also behavioral benefits to spaying your female kitties. For example, when you spay your female cat, you don’t have to worry about her going into heat. Ladies in heat often yowl and scream in an effort to attract gentlemen callers and urinate more frequently (often inside the home). Spaying your female pets also helps prevent uterine infections and mammary tumors, which are generally malignant or cancerous in about 90% of cats and 50% of dogs. If you spay your female pet before her first heat cycle, you can offer the best possible protection against these illnesses.

Spay or neuter at our Kennett Square hospital!

Unfortunately, nearly one million homeless animals are euthanized each year across the country. The best way to prevent this tragic statistic is to reduce the number of pets giving birth. We hope you choose to spay or neuter your pet, and when you do so, know that Longwood Veterinary Center is here to help. Learn more about our spay and neuter services here, and contact our staff with any questions you have. Make your kitten season a happy one!