Happy National Veterinary Technician Week

National Veterinary Technician Week is Sunday, October 15th through Saturday, October 21st. Join us in showing gratitude to our wonderful Longwood nurses and thanking them for all they do to support our hospital. This month’s blog gives you a window into their world and helps explain the many jobs they do.

Many see nurses as the silent shadow behind our doctors; typing notes, grabbing supplies, and soothing your pet for procedures. But, did you know that many of our nurses have a degree in Veterinary Technology or Animal Science, and have passed a National Board exam that measures competency in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, parasitology, anesthesia, and medicine? Our nurses understand the basic physiology behind common diseases, and also have a strong understanding of diagnostic procedures and treatments. They know normal biological parameters of many different species as well as how to triage an emergency and perform life-saving CPR. Our nurses do a wonderful job at drawing blood, placing bandages, trimming nails, removing ticks, sterilizing surgical instruments, scheduling appointments… and the list goes on and on! Nurses are the superheroes of veterinary medicine and the backbone of any good hospital.

Longwood Veterinary Center has over 20 veterinary technicians. Many of our nurses have been with us for ten years or more. If asked, our nurses will tell you, the reason they stay in this field is not for the money or fame. They do this because they love being able to help. They love working under the pressure of a fast-paced environment and forming special bonds with their patients that stay with them long after their work day is done. This week, take the time to say “thank you” to the Veterinary Technicians of Longwood Veterinary Center. While they are not seeking the praise, a little appreciation goes a long way!

Written By: Tara Corridori, LVT