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Longwood Veterinary Center celebrates our 20th anniversary this summer!

Dr. Carla Andrews and Dr. Laurie Strine opened Longwood Veterinary Center in June of 1998. They wanted to create a unique environment for their clients, patients, and staff. Their priorities were providing the highest standards of medical care, excellent customer service, and a positive and flexible hospital environment.

These priorities have not changed over the course of the past 20 years. When first opening they saw a few patients per day. Now, Longwood Veterinary Center serves over 15,000 clients and had over 17,000 visits in 2017 alone. We employ over 20 staff members including 5 employees who have been here since the beginning, and many more who have been employed at LVC for 10 years or more.

Longwood Veterinary Center is excited to announce we will be preparing for an extensive hospital renovation beginning late summer/early fall.  Additional square footage along with an innovative flow design geared towards improving the experience and comfort of you and your pet are some of the updates to be expected.  We are excited about the new changes and look forward to what the next twenty years have in store.

Happy Birthday, Longwood Vet! Now let’s take a trip down memory lane…..

Longwood Veterinary Center celebrates our 20th anniversary