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Veterinary Spotlight: Dr. Andrews

Dr. Andrew’s love for animals began when her parents bought their first horse when she was 9 years old. As she grew, so did her interest in animals. She began equestrian show jumping and continued to compete throughout college in Maryland.

During her freshman year of high school, Dr. Andrews started working in a small animal hospital. The practice veterinarian served as her mentor and instilled in her a love for veterinary medicine. It was that influence that shaped her career path.

Building a lifelong relationship with pets and owners and seeing the positive impact they play in each other’s lives is her favorite aspect of her job. She enjoys taking the clients history, examining patients, and trying to come to a logical conclusion of the animal’s diagnosis and how to successfully treat them.

Dr. Andrews has a big family of both the 2 legged and 4 legged varieties. She has 2 dogs, Oreo, a 14 year old ShitZu and Francine, a 3 year old Standard Poodle; 2 cats named Pumba and Mufsa along with a pond full of Koi fish. She also has 2 children, 6 siblings and her husband is one of 12 children!

Originally from Baltimore, she came to the Kennett Square area 24 years ago for her husband’s job. In her spare time Dr. Andrews enjoys spending time with her family, Cross fit, hiking and learning agility training with Francine.