The Top Pet Names for 2016

Did you know?? Picking a great name can enhance your relationship with your pet as well as increase their attentiveness and communication skills. This is why picking the right name for your pet is so very important.

In recent years, the top-ranking human names have likewise gained popularity in pet names. Why do we do this? Because we treat our four-legged-friends as fur family (because they are), and because he or she, too, believes they are part human.

You could even debate that owners have a stronger, more personal bond with their pets if they pick a more human-like name for tail-wagging companions.

Among the classics, last year’s chart-topping names also brought several trending, buzzworthy names. Studies report that a whopping 53% of dog owners named their pup after a popular movie title, TV or literary character, and even celebrity! Some of which include names of medieval TV mega-series, Game of Thrones, and the mobile, virtual reality phenomenon, Pokèmon GO.

The top pet names for 2016:

Top Male Dog Names: Top Male Cat Names:
1. Charlie         1.  Oliver
2. Cooper         2.  Max
3. Max         3.  Milo
4. Oliver         4. Simba
5. Buddy


 Top Female Dog Names:

        5. Leo


Top Female Cat Names:

1. Bella         1.  Luna
2. Lucy         2.  Bella
3. Luna         3.  Lucy
4. Daisy         4.  Chloe
5. Lola         5. Lily

Need some tips for naming your pet?

Always pick with personality. Get a better feel for his or her quirks and behavior. From there, you will be able to choose a name that fits the pet’s personality best. For more naming inspiration consider appearance, personality, heritage, personal interests, and meanings.

Next, think simple. Naming your pet “Professor Tootie Wigglebottom” might sound tempting, however, it may not be the easiest name for your pet to learn. Pick a name that is easily recognizable and not completely embarrassing when said aloud. Pets often respond best with one to two syllables.