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Meet Hank! Hank is a sweet 1-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. Hank was adopted as a puppy from a farm in Lancaster, PA. After his initial exam and a recommendation from Dr. Seigfried, his owners decided to sign Hank up for Nationwide pet insurance.

Hank had a pretty typical puppyhood. He received all of his vaccines and in February of 2018, was scheduled to be neutered. A few weeks prior, his owner noticed a foul odor coming from his mouth. There was some swelling of his gums and a few teeth had not erupted. She called to discuss her concerns with Dr. Seigfried. Hank began a course of antibiotics and full mouth dental radiographs were scheduled for the time of his neuter. After examination and radiographs, Dr. Siegfried suspected a dental tumor. Hank was only 7 months old.

Dr. Siegfried strongly recommended Hank see a Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialist at HOPE Veterinary Specialists in Malvern, PA. There, Hank received a complete oral exam under general anesthesia, a fine needle aspirate of his enlarged left mandibular lymph node, and removal of the tumor and all affected bone and tissue. The tumor was submitted for biopsy. Happily, for Hank, his tumor type carries a good prognosis with early removal!

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

A month and a half later, Hank is doing well and acting like a normal, silly puppy. He may be missing some teeth and part of his jaw but this is not slowing him down at all! Hank’s owners spent $4,200 on everything Hank needed to treat this painful and life-threatening mass. Because Hank’s parents had Nationwide pet insurance prior to any evidence of disease, they were reimbursed for $3,400!

By paying the monthly premium, Hank’s owners can budget for wellness care and any accidents or illnesses that may occur. They were able to follow through with Dr. Seigfried’s recommendations and give Hank the highest level of medical care available, ultimately saving his life!

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Longwood Veterinary Center is not affiliated with any pet insurance company. We enjoy posting success stories to encourage pet owners to look into their options and make the best decision for their family.

If you are considering pet insurance and have questions, please don’t hesitate to call your Longwood Veterinary Center nurse or doctor.

Written By: Tara Corridori
Edited By: Dr. Corrina Parsons, VMD