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Learn About Pet Grooming Techniques from Our Longwood Vet Staff

Grooming goes beyond keeping your pet looking their best, it can keep your pet healthy and prevent a number of health concerns. Grooming allows you to check for fleas, ticks, dry skin, inflammation, as well as note the condition of the nails, teeth, ears and eyes. These issues are much easier to treat in the early stages.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when grooming your pet at home.

Even short hair pets can benefit from weekly brushings. Brushing your pet’s hair a few times a week will help to reduce debris and mats in the fur, as well as help to strengthen the bond between you. If you do incur a mat, do not try to brush it out. Brushing mats is painful, causing your pet to avoid future brushings. Additionally, regular brushings will also help limit the number of hairballs found on the floor or in litter boxes. Though rare, severe hairballs can also cause blockages in the stomach or intestines.

Ear cleanings are especially beneficial to larger breeds. Routinely check your pets ears for a buildup or smell.

Periodontal disease, a common health concern for many dogs and cats, can be prevented with routine brushings. Start brushing your pet’s teeth when they are young to help acclimate them to the process. When brushing your pet’s teeth be sure to use a toothbrush and tooth paste specially designed for their safety. Dental cleanings can also be arranged through your vet’s office. Let the professionals at Longwood help prevent dental issues in your pets with routine pet dental cleanings.

Overgrown nails can be painful and reduce your pet’s mobility. Maintaining an appropriate length nail can prevent overgrowth and accidental injury to your pet, yourself or your furniture. When trimming your pet’s nails check for problems such as cracked pads, swelling or matted fur.

While the frequency depends on breeds, regular baths aid in keeping coats healthy and clean. When bathing your pet, use a dog friendly shampoo to condition the skin while removing excess oils and odor causing dirt.

Grooming is not just about show. It keeps your pet’s coat shiny, teeth pearly white, ears clean and paws in proper order. Keep your pet happy and healthy with regular groomings.