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Pet Gifts– Creative Ideas from LVC

Need help finding the perfect gift for the furry friends on your list this year?

Check out these fun recommendations:


pet gifts Kennett Square

Classic Kong

The KONG is a sturdy toy that can keep dog occupied for hours. Stuff it with kibble or peanut butter and place in your pet’s crate while you are away to help keep your dog entertained while you are gone.

Medium at for $6.69

Bark Box

BarkBox is a unique subscription service for your pet that offers a monthly surprise of dog toys, treats, and goodies delivered to your door! Each BarkBox contains at least two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a tasty chew.

Purchase a 12 month supply and get each box for $21.00 a month.

VOHC Dental Chews

Dental chews can help prevent tartar build up and are a tasty and fun holiday gift idea. Look for brands that have the VOHC’s (Veterinary Oral Health Council) seal of approval.

Purchase a bag at our office for $22.65

Wisdom Panel DNA Analysis

Gaining insight into your pet’s true breed composition is not only fun but gives you insight into your dog’s predicted adult size, physical characteristics, behavioral traits, and possible predispositions to certain health conditions.

Contact our office for blood sample collection and processing through Wisdom Panel. Price is $192.00


pet gifts Kennett Square

A New Carrier

We know traveling with your pet can be challenging- especially when coming to to visit your friends at Longwood Veterinary Center. The best carrier for your cat is hard sided, has both top and side openings, and a top that can be easily removed.

Prices vary and are available at pet stores and online vendors.

Bascolor Electric Rotating Butterfly

A butterfly that flashes in the dark will fulfill your kitty’s natural urge to hunt.

Find on Amazon for $21.00

Cat Castle

This elaborate cat condo is guaranteed to keep your feline friend active with sisal posts for scratching and multi-colored toy balls for batting.

Find at Target for $47.00

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy

Combine mealtime and playtime in one fun toy. With several slots throughout, the colorful fish tails rotate around, changing up the puzzle every time.

Find at for $30.00