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Dana has worked at Longwood since 2001. She received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, her associate degree in Veterinary Technology and is a Certified Veterinary Technician. With her experience, she has stepped into the position of Technician Manager. Her responsibilities include training new staff members, helping to implement new protocols, and staying current on advancements in veterinary medicine.


How Long Have You Been a Vet Tech?
A long time! I started working at a dog kennel in high school and have been a technician for about 20 years!

How Long Have You Been at LVC?
14 years and counting!

Do You Have Any Pets?
I have a dog named Diva and a cat named Phil.

Where Would You Mostly Likely Be Found In The Hospital?
Pretty much everywhere, but mostly in the dental room and at the computer doing charges, estimates, and inventory.

What Is One Thing You Would Like Clients To Know About Your Job?
I would like clients to know that we have many different skills. We may be doing anesthesia one day, but at the reception desk the next.

What is One Fun Fact About Yourself?
I like to bake specialty cakes!

October 24th: Happy Birthday Dana!