Veterinary Nurse: Aaliyah

Aaliyah worked in the veterinary field for 16 years before joining the Longwood team in January of 2010. She graduated from Delaware State University with her Bachelor of Science in Pre-Veterinary Science in 2000. She does a variety of jobs in the hospital, providing nursing care, assisting with appointments and procedures, and serves as receptionist at the front desk. She enjoys watching football, traveling, church, and enjoying life.

Q & A:
1. Why did you choose to become a veterinary technician?
I had a pet named Brownie and when he passed away, I was confused on why so I decided to learn more about animals. My love for animals continually grows!

2. One thing that you love about your job is…
Animals and working with my cool co-workers!

3. One thing that is hard about your job is…
Seeing a client’s pet put to sleep, especially when you have a close connection with the owner and the pet.

4. One reason why you love working at Longwood Vet Center is…
Longwood is the Best Veterinary Hospital. The doctors and staff always have the best interest of the animals and are willing to take the time to discuss any questions or recommendations with clients.

5. Where in the hospital would we find you most?
I am everywhere – reception, treatment, and exam!

6. One thing you would like pet owners to know is…
Longwood Veterinary Center will always be on your pets’ side!