Respiratory Disease Outbreak 2023 – Learn More

Christmas Trees: Anchor your tree to prevent it from toppling over. Do not allow your pet to drink from stagnant tree water.

Mistletoe and Holly: artificial plants this holiday season are a safer option.

Tinsel: Sparkly and attractive to kitties, ingestion can lead to an obstruction in the small intestine requiring surgical correction. Strings of thrown confetti carry the same risk.

Candles: Hot wax can cause serious burns.

Electric cords/Light Strands: May deliver a lethal electric shock if chewed.

Batteries: If punctured may cause burns to the mouth and esophagus.

Food and Alcohol: chocolate, xylitol, fatty foods, grapes, raisins, onions, and alcohol all spell trouble for pets. Toxic amounts vary for each food item and each pet. Never assume if only a small amount was consumed your pet will probably be ok. For some pets, even a single raisin is one too many.


New Year’s Hazards

As you count down to the New Year, please keep in mind this can be an overwhelming and stressful night for pets. Make sure to provide your pet with a safe and quiet area to escape from fireworks, noise poppers, and visiting guests. Discuss options for easing your pet’s anxiety with your veterinarian.