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Halloween Costumes for Pets, a How To

With the abundance of pet Halloween costumes on the market, it can be difficult to resist dressing your dog up for holiday fun. When selecting a costume for your pet, there are a variety of factors to consider. Here are a few tips for making this year’s costume a holiday success.

Stay Safe
When selecting a costume for your furry friend, be sure to choose one that is flame resistant and breathable. Avoid dangling parts or costumes that tie around your pet’s neck as they could easily be strangled. In addition to selecting a costume that attaches with Velcro, supervise your pet at all times when they are wearing a costume.

Keep It Simple
While costumes with hats and manes may be all the rage, minimalist costumes will leave your pet more comfortable. Selecting a simple costume that is similar to sweater is less likely to annoy your pet.

Play Dress Up
Don’t wait until the day of the parade or Halloween night to put your pet in costume for the first time. Give your pet time to check and sniff out his new attire before heading out. Letting your pet wear the costume around the house to get familiar with the feel can make him more comfortable in it for the big occasion.

Watch Out
Costumes can confuse other dogs and disguise certain movements or body language. The new attire can restrict movement and make some dogs feel awkward. In turn, this can make some dogs nervous and lead to snarky behavior. If your dressed up pet is going to be at a pet friendly parade or event, be sure to keep a close eye on canine interactions.

Light Up
Black costumes are not ideal for pets going out at night. Whether its trick or treating or a walk around the neighborhood, your pet should be visible. It is especially important for your pet to be on a secure leash with up to date id tags.

Fend the Fans
A cute costumed pet can have fans standing in line for a visit. It’s your job to ensure that your pet doesn’t become overwhelmed by the new, often loud, visitors.

Follow Lead
If your dog is not a fan of crowds or children, Halloween may not be the best time for them to be out. Likewise, if your dog isn’t digging their new costume, snap a few pictures in costume and then remove their costume.

Whether you have a shark spaniel or a batman beagle, make sure their costume is safe and comfortable. Happy Halloween!