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Q & A with Lisa K, our Office Manager since the start 20 Years Ago!)

Why did you choose to become a veterinary technician?

Lisa: I started out as a veterinary nurse when I was in college. I loved animals and I am passionate about medicine and lifelong health. I went back to school to get my master’s in business because I wanted to be a part of a successful business that partnered exceptional medicine and patient care with a highly engaged and passionate staff.

One thing you love about your job is….

Lisa: My co-workers! They are so smart, compassionate and fun!

One thing that is hard about your job is…

Lisa: Making tough medical decisions, sometimes based on financial constraints. I am passionate about doing the right thing for our clients, our patients and our team.

One reason why you love working at Longwood Veterinary Center is…

Lisa: LVC is my second family. When I started my own family I was able to have tremendous flexibility and balance. It’s a gift to be able to have it all!

The place in the hospital where we would likely find you is

Lisa: In my office with “Friday” (the hospital cat) in my open window!

One thing you would like pet owners to know is…

Lisa: Many of our team have been here for 5, 10, 15, even 20 years. They are smart, educated and extremely caring. They care for our clients, patients and each other!

One memory from when Longwood Veterinary Center started 20 years ago is…

Lisa: I remember having dinner with Laurie and Carla over 20 years ago when they brought me into their dream – that was to become LVC. When they asked if I would come and work with them, as their hospital manager, I replied that I was soon thinking of starting a family and I would likely want part-time hours for a long time. Their quick reply was, of course, I could have it all – that’s what LVC is all about! You can have a family, a career and the flexibility to enjoy them both!