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We sat down for a little Q and A to learn more about Alisa and her role at Longwood…

Q: Why did you choose to become a veterinary technician?
A: Ever since I can remember, I loved all animals and little critters. I used to play by the creek and look for frogs and salamanders and bring home stray animals to make my pets. My compassion for animals grows every day.

Q: One thing you love about your job is….
A: Seeing the transformation of someone’s sick pet become well again. The power of veterinary medicine amazes me!

Q: One thing that is hard about your job is….
A: It is so difficult letting go and saying goodbye to clients’ pets. No matter how many times you go through it, it never gets easier.

Q: One reason why you love working at Longwood Vet Center is…
A: Longwood Vet is like a family. The staff and employers are so welcoming and accepting. Everyone who works here is amazing at their job. We also have a high standard of veterinary medicine.

Q: The place in the hospital where we would likely find you is….
A: Surgery. I love doing anesthesia and assisting the doctors with procedures.

Q: One thing you would like pet owners to know is….
A: I treat your pet like it is my own and most likely will be found talking to it in a funny voice. I love all animals and want them to feel safe when they are here!