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Longwood Vet Center has around twenty veterinary technicians on staff. Here are some fun facts that recognize all their hard work and passion.

  1. Experience ranges from 20+ years to 1 year.
  2. Lisa, Val, and Jess W. have been at Longwood Vet the longest – since they opened 19 ½ years ago!
  3. Dana has been working at Longwood Vet Center for 16 ½ years and is our Technician Supervisor.
  4. Many have several degrees – ranging from Veterinary Technology, Pre-Vet, Education, Environmental Studies, or Business.
  5. Many are licensed or certified veterinary technicians. This means they attended an accredited university and passed a National Board Exam.
  6. Ashley studied the farthest from home – receiving her associates degree from Colorado Mountain College.
  7. Laura has worked in the anesthesia department of the University of Pennsylvania.
  8. Terry works full time as a large animal nurse at New Boulton Center.
  9. Andrea says that the best aspect of her job is, “The ability to help our furry friends and educate people about their pets.”
  10. Katelyn says that one thing she would like clients to know is that nurses are, “cross-trained and able to do tons of different things”, from anesthesia to phlebotomy to radiology and more.
  11. Many of the nurses at Longwood Veterinary Center state that the best thing about working here is the family atmosphere, flexibility, and support offered.

The nursing staff at Longwood Veterinary Center goes above and beyond every day to offer compassionate veterinary care. They strive to continue to learn and educate themselves on the best services, products and pet care recommendations. The passion they have for their job overshadows the dirty scrubs and small paychecks.

Thank you to all the nurses at our animal hospital in Longwood PA.

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Written By: Tara Corridori, LVT