When it comes to pets and Valentine's Day, they really do make the best dates.Pets and Valentine’s Day

Does your Valentine have four legs and a furry coat? Not to worry. You aren’t the only one celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet. After all, studies report that 1 in 5 people admit that they would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet instead of their partner. So, who needs a secret admirer when the best Valentine is a canine companion in crime or a, “pet me puuurrrty please,” best friend fur-ever? If slobbery kisses and “presents” left at your door aren’t love, then we don’t know what love is.

Here are the top 10 reasons why pets make better dates this Valentine’s Day:

  1. The Endless Snuggle. Who needs a blanket? Pets make the best (and warmest) snuggle buddies. Don’t get me wrong, all snuggles are great, but nothing beats a cuddly kitty. Am I right? 
  2. Whine Not? Dog whining for attention is adorable. People whining for attention, not so much.
  3. No Small Talk. Date nights can get awkward – fast, when you run out of things to say. But somehow a look and a wagging tail is the only thing needed to say, “I love you.” This must be proof that true love exists.
  4. Clinginess Can Be Cute. It can often be a major turn off when a date gets clingy. But when your puppy follows you everywhere around the house, it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.
  5. Movie of Your Choosing. Skip the movie debate this year. Your pup will let you pick your favorite flick without saying, “we always watch the movies you want to.” 
  6. No Expectations. If your night doesn’t go according to plan, have no fear. Your pet will still always look at you like you hung the moon.
  7. Sharing Your Chocolate? Nope. Sharing is caring, but who likes to share their chocolate? The answer – no one. Since chocolate is off menu for your animals due to the pet-toxic ingredients, never feel guilty again about hogging the entire box. 
  8. Dress Down. No need to look your finest. Lose the tie and heels and slip on your favorite pair of sweats without judgement from your best fur-end.
  9. Talk about a Cheap Date. Don’t worry about overpriced, fancy restaurants or expensive gifts. Your pets are just happy to be spending quality time with you.
  10. All You Need is (Their Unconditional) Love. Forget the roses, the only thing your pet wants this Valentine’s Day is a belly scratch and time with you. Celebrate the month of love with your favorite, furry Valentines!

Our Kennett Square animal hospital wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!