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AAHA Accredited

AAHA Accredited Veterinarian in Pennsylvania

Most people are aware that not all animal hospitals are alike. However, you may not know medical standards can vary widely from hospital to hospital. In order to ensure your pet is receiving the highest level of care, you should select a veterinary hospital that has received the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accreditation. Only 12-15% of all veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada are AAHA accredited. We are proud to say, since 1999, Longwood Veterinary Center is one such hospital.

AAHA hospitals must meet or exceed certain standards for pain management, surgery, anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, and more. These standards are continuously reviewed and updated as recommendations for veterinary care grows and evolves. This process is challenging and voluntary. When a veterinary hospital makes the commitment to become and maintain AAHA accreditation, they are stating they are dedicated to excellence.

AAHA standards have very real life-and-death consequences on patients and their caregivers. Paraphrased from Jim Trumm, senior editor of the Consumer Advocate, “Lori Seubert, an experienced cat rescuer, is one of the many people who view AAHA accreditation as essential in choosing a veterinary facility. She recalls her capture of a trapped kitten, struggling to breathe and later diagnosed with pneumonia. It needed extensive life-saving therapies, including days in an oxygen chamber. Ms. Seubert knew this kitten was very sick and that her best chance of survival was in a place accredited by AAHA. The kitten lived and was later adopted by The Seubert’s themselves.”

Using an AAHA accredited hospital for the care of your pets affords you a certain level of peace of mind and trust. Whether your pet is coming in for preventative care, non-routine visits, or in an emergency, they will receive the best medical management available. Choosing an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital, demonstrates your commitment to your pets’ lifelong health and happiness. All are welcome at Longwood Veterinary Center to take a tour, meet our incredible staff, and learn more about our philosophy of care.

For more information on this standard of veterinary excellence, please visit AAHA.

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