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Veterinary Spotlight: Dr. Beatrice McCabe

Dr. Beatrice McCabe’s love for animals developed early in life. She grew up in her own zoo of sorts, complete with dogs, cats, horses, and chickens. It was during her teenage years that she decided to turn her passion for animals into a career and pursue veterinary...

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Halloween Costume 101

With the abundance of pet Halloween costumes on the market, it can be difficult to resist dressing your dog up for holiday fun. When selecting a costume for your pet, there are a variety of factors to consider. Here are a few tips for making this year's costume a...

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Veterinary Spotlight: Dr. Andrews

Dr. Andrew’s love for animals began when her parents bought their first horse when she was 9 years old. As she grew, so did her interest in animals. She began equestrian show jumping and continued to compete throughout college in Maryland. During her freshman year of...

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Pet Grooming Basics

Grooming goes beyond keeping your pet looking their best, it can keep your pet healthy and prevent a number of health concerns. Grooming allows you to check for fleas, ticks, dry skin, inflammation, as well as note the condition of the nails, teeth, ears and eyes....

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Reducing Pet Allergies

Did you that approximately 15% of the population is allergic to dogs or cats? For many pet owners, the drawl back of allergies doesn’t outweigh the benefits of animal companionship. Many that are allergic to their pets suffer from itchy, watery eyes and nose, along...

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Fighting Obesity in Cats

Obesity among cats is becoming an epidemic in the United States. With more cats living indoors, many tend to be less active and over eat. Overweight cats are more likely to develop health issues, skin conditions and in many cases have a shorter life span. Many pet...

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Planting a Pet Friendly Garden

It’s time again to replace the snow shovels with gardening shovels. Before planting your spring garden, take time to research which plants are safe for a pet friendly home. There are numerous plants that are beautiful, but contain toxins that are highly poisonous to...

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How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet health. While it commonly goes unnoticed, proper dental care is critical for a healthy, high quality life. Untreated oral issues are not only painful, but can lead to lung, heart and kidney disease. Examining...

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Tips for Controlling Your Pet’s Weight

Like many humans, there is a large percentage of overweight pets in the United States. A 2012 survey noted that 53 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats are considered overweight or obese. Not only does the excess weight keep your pet from being active, it puts them...

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The Important Role of Veterinary Technicians

Just as a doctor couldn’t treat patients without a nurse or a dentist couldn’t care for your mouth without a dental hygienist, a veterinarian couldn’t attend to your pet with a veterinary technician. These professionals support veterinarians in numerous activities and...

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Black Cats and Bad Luck

For decades, black cats have been associated with evil, witch craft and bad luck. This old wives tale is completely false, black cats are just as friendly and lovable as any other color cat. However, since black cats are often associated with wrongful superstition,...

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Fall Pet Care

Temperatures are starting to drop, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are beginning to change and fall is just around the corner. While fall is a beautiful time of year, it can pose many dangers to pets. From household toxins to weather hazards, there are...

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Vet Visits for Indoor Cats

Regular checkups at the vet’s office are important for indoor and outdoor cats. While indoor cats are not as susceptible to disease or the dangers of wild animals, they are prone to suffer from other medical conditions. Obesity, liver and kidney issues are all common...

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Keeping Pets Active and Healthy

Attention, exercise and stimulation are all important components of a healthy life. When pets find themselves bored, they tend to use that excess energy in less than desirable activities such as barking or chewing. Help your pet lead a healthy and fulfilling life with...

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Independence Day Safety

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with cookouts and fireworks. As you put the final touches on your guest lists and menus, don’t forget to take a moment and plan for your pets’ safety as well. While the loud explosions that light the night sky...

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Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention

Now through June 30th, Longwood Veterinary Hospital is offering 10% off all flea, tick and heartworm prevention medicine. Also, for every purchase of a years' worth of Heartgard, 6 months' worth of Frontline, or 6 months' worth of Nexgard you will be entered in a...

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Feline Heartworm Q & A

Q: How does heartworm disease differ in cats than in dogs? A: Felines are not the direct host of heartworm, and most worms do not mature to the adult stage in cats. Most affected cats are infected by 1-3 worms, vs. several hundred in dogs. Even though the worms do not...

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Canine Heartworm Q & A

Sorting through the facts can be difficult in many medical diagnoses. We have done the research for you and sorted the old wives’ tales from the truth. Here are the answers to all your heartworm questions: Q: How do dogs get heartworms? A: The only way for dogs to...

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Nutrition Q&A

Q: What food would you recommend for my pet? A: Science diet, Iams and Royal Canine are the brands we recommend. That is because they do extensive food trials and have veterinary nutritionists on their staff. Q: Is it true there is a correlation between weight and...

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Foods Your Pets Should Avoid

That wagging tail and panting tongue cannot wait for you to drop a crumb or even better the whole sandwich. It is so tempting to share with your four legged friend, but is the food that is tasty to you potentially fatal to your pet? Here are the top foods to avoid...

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