Cat Medical ServicesJust as a doctor couldn’t treat patients without a nurse or a dentist couldn’t care for your mouth without a dental hygienist, a veterinarian couldn’t attend to your pet with a veterinary technician. These professionals support veterinarians in numerous activities and help to create a pleasant environment for both you and your pet.

Veterinary technicians wear multiple hats and are responsible for various duties that keep the office running. Here are just a few things we couldn’t do without the help of veterinary technicians.

In regular office visits and emergency situations, the first matter at hand is to triage the patient. Vet techs are responsible for taking vitals, assessing the animals’ condition and communicating the evaluation to the veterinarian. No matter the reason for the vet visit, triage is a critical aspect of care.

Dental Care:
Veterinarians wouldn’t be able to keep your pets’ teeth pearly white or that dog breath at bay without the help of vet techs. Veterinary technicians work with the veterinarian to clean and polish the animals’ teeth and gums.

Just as there are surgical nurses in the “human” operating room, trained veterinary technicians play a vital role in many surgeries. The number of surgeries and procedures are increasing and would not be possible without the assistance of these professionals.

Blood Work:
Veterinary technicians have a tough job when it comes to taking blood from some unruly and uncooperative patients. They also play double duty as radiology techs.

Often times, veterinary technicians are often overlooked. In reality, vet offices would not be able to function without the support of these valued employees. From triage and charts to assisting with procedures, vet techs make the day to day operations possible. Next time you and your pet stop in be sure to thank our veterinary technicians for everything they do!