Regular checkups at the vet’s office are important for indoor and outdoor cats. While indoor cats are not as susceptible to disease or the dangers of wild animals, they are prone to suffer from other medical conditions. Obesity, liver and kidney issues are all common among indoor cats.

Annual visits to the vet can help to keep your cat healthy and extend their life expectancy. In addition to rabies shots and other vaccinations, regular exams can help to diagnose illness in the early stages. Cats are prone to hiding signs of illness and many pet parents are not able to detect the symptoms like a vet. Annual visits will help the vet to better understand your cat’s behaviors and detect significant changes in weight, which can be a sign of illness.

Anytime your cat displays unusual behaviors for a prolonged period of time, schedule a visit to your vet. Lethargy, weakness, unusual vocalizations and behavior issues can all be signs of an underlying problem. It is common for outdoor cats to be seen more frequently by the vet, but it is still important for indoor cats to be seen too. Annual vet appointments can help your cat to lead a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.