Attention, exercise and stimulation are all important components of a healthy life. When pets find themselves bored, they tend to use that excess energy in less than desirable activities such as barking or chewing. Help your pet lead a healthy and fulfilling life with these easy activities.

All pets need exercise. Approximately 30 minutes of running, swimming, walking and playing twice a day is recommended for healthy adult dogs. Not only is the exercise beneficial for your pet, but the hour of aerobic exercise can help you to get in shape as well.

Cats need exercise just like dogs. Chase and fetch are a few ways to keep your cat active. Cats are also quick learners so consider teaching them tricks or practical skills like coming when called.

Games like tug of war and fetch are great opportunities to help you bond with your pet. These activities are low maintenance for you and combine both mental stimulation and exercise in a way that is rewarding for you both. Grab the stick or the tennis ball and head outside!

Pets that are bored are the ones who manifest their energy in undesirable behaviors. When you are gone, try leaving your pet with a toy that will hold his attention. Toys like kongs and puzzles can be filled with food or treats that can help to keep them active and occupied while you are gone.

Pets need more than food, water and shelter. They need healthy and well balanced lives that will in turn keep them happy and active. Ask the vets at Longwood Veterinary Center for other tips to ensure your pet is living a happy life.