After a record cold winter, everyone is ready to start the summer off enjoying the warm air and sunny skies. With BBQs, pool parties, or just a relaxing day outside, it is important to keep your pet safe this holiday season. Check out these tips for keeping your pet safe this Memorial Day weekend and all summer.

Bug Spray:
While bug spray is an outdoor essential for humans, it can be dangerous for dogs. DEET has been found to cause neurological issues along with vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and lethargy. Unless specifically design for dogs, skip the bug spray.

Imagine spending the summer days in a fur coat in the sun. Summer days can be very hot and uncomfortable for many pets. When your pets are outside, always have plenty of shade and water to help keep them cool. Sick, elderly and overweight pets should stay inside as much as possible on those dog days of summer.

Believe it or not, all dogs are not natural born swimmers. Never leave them unattended around lakes or pools. When enjoying a boat ride with your dog, make sure to put a life jacket on him or her.

Food and Drink:
While the drinks and food may be the highlight of the party, they are not meant for your four legged friends. Alcohol and foods such as raisins, chocolate, grapes, onions, and avocado can be deadly for your pets.

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine this holiday weekend and don’t forget to enjoy it with your pet!