May is National Chip Your Pet Month and what better way to celebrate than micro chipping your pet? As a pet owner, you biggest fear is that your beloved 4 legged friend will go missing. We understand what it is like to lose a furry family member and we are painfully aware that chances are they won’t make it home again. To ensure your pets make it home safely, we strongly recommend micro chipping both indoor and outdoor pets.

A microchip is a small, readable device that is implanted into the pet’s shoulder area, which serves as a digital id tag. When scanned, the chip will have your contact information and will help in reuniting you and your pet. The chips can be scanned at many veterinary offices and animal shelters, and can be a great resource- if the information is current.

According to the ASPCA, “Implanted microchips, when combined with visible ID tags on a pet’s collar, have proved to be the most reliable system for recovery of lost or stray companion animals.” What better way to protect your pet and help ensure there safe return home than with a microchip?