Along with the change is seasons comes cleaning, yard care and seasonal celebrations. Beware and take inventory of the spring hazards that could be harmful to your pets.

Window Screens:
Gentle breezes of warm spring days call for you to open the windows. However, opening the windows can be an unknown threat for your pet. If there isn’t a screen, be sure to take extra care when opening the window.

Car Safety:
It is so tempting to roll down the windows and let your pet enjoy the air and the scenery, but this can be very dangerous. Debris and insects can lead to eye injuries and ear infections.

Seasonal Décor:
It’s the season for lilies, chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets. All of these goodies should be kept out of reach of your furry friends. Both lilies and chocolate are highly toxic and can be fatal. The shiny grass of Easter baskets are highly attractive to cats, but can easily become lodged in the digestive track.

Just as you would never leave cleaning supplies within reach of your children, neither should they come in contact with your furry friends. Be sure to read the labels for proper use and storage to avoid any dangers.

Pesticides and fertilizers may help your plants to grow and keep your lawn looking its best, but beware as they can both be fatal ingested by your pet. There are also many popular spring plants that can be harmful to pets. Lilies, rhododendron and others can be toxic.

Fleas and Ticks:
Warm weather brings the multitude of bugs out of hibernation. This is the perfect time to visit your vet for heartworm, flea and tick prevention.

Warmer weather brings around many potential hazards and toxins for your pet. With a little knowledge and prevention, you and your furry friend will both be enjoying the season.