Inclement weather can strike any season, so it is important to be prepared and have an emergency plan in place. Storms and evacuation can cause confusion and create frenzy; don’t fall victim to wicked weather. Here are the top 5 severe weather tips.

Don’t Leave Home Without ID Tags:
Thunder, lightning and other severe weather can be very frightening times for both you and your pets. Pets can easily become separated from you during these times, so it is important that they wear a collar with ID tags. Make certain the tags contain the pet’s name, your name, and your phone number. Microchipping is another option to ensure that you will be able to locate your lost pet.

Don’t Forget Your Pet:
If the threat of severe weather has you evacuating, take your pets with you. Many shelters do not take pets, so be sure to locate several pet friendly shelters and hotels along your evacuation route.

Don’t Skip the Vet:
It is important to visit the vet regularly no matter the impending weather. However, up to date vaccinations and shots can make it easier to stay in many shelters.

Don’t Forget the Carrier:
When traveling with your cat, the safest and most comforting place for your cat is in their carrier. If your dog has a carrier it may be comforting and familiar for them to spend time in it when away from home.

Don’t Skip the Food and Water:
Always remember to pack extra water and food for your pet during a severe weather emergency. Pet food can become scarce during inclement weather and it can be difficult for some animals to adjust to a change in diet. Stock up on the essentials ahead of time.