Imagine how hard it would be to get around with your arms and legs in pain. It would make it hard for you to function and enjoy life. The same goes for cats, they use their paws for everything. That is why it is so important to examine their paws regularly. Here are a few tips for keeping your cat foot loose and fancy free.

  • Keep those paws clean. Not only will dirt litter and other substances on your cats paws inflict pain and be tracked throughout your home, but they make be ingested during grooming. The ASPCA suggests wiping your cat’s paws once a day with a damp cloth, paying special attention to their paw pads and in between their toes.
  • Give their paws a thorough “once over” regularly to check for any cuts, sores or swellings that could pose a problem.
  • Cats are natural born scratchers. They continuously scratch to remove the outer nail and reveal the sharp, smooth nail underneath. Keep your cat away from the furniture and keep them occupied with several different scratching posts.
  •  It is normal for long- haired cats to have hair in between their toes. If this seems to annoy your feline, use a small pair of safety scissors to easily remove that hair.
  • Pay attention to your pet’s behavior. If you notice them favoring one paw or limping, seek care.
  • Don’t declaw your pet. Declawing is not trimming the nail, rather it is amputating the toe at the joint. This is extremely painful for the animal and hinders the natural need to scratch.
  • Trim your cat’s nails regularly. You can either make an appointment with the groomer, or pick up nail scissors at your local pet store. If you choose to trim your pet’s nails yourself, be sure to avoid cutting into the quick, which will result in pain, and praise the animal when the job is done.

With a little extra attention and cleaning you can keep your pet footloose and fancy free!