Having multiple cats in one home can be like having multiple children. They can be sweet and cute and the next moment you are refereeing fights between them. Cats are no different in this regard. Each has their own unique personality with his or her preferences. Sometimes keeping the peace in a multiple cat home can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips for a peaceful home.

If you have multiple cats, then you need multiple food and water bowls. Some cats guard that area and don’t like to share their food and water. The same goes for litter boxes. We suggest having one litter box per cat and one extra. Many cats will not share litter boxes, resulting in altercations and refusal to use the litter box at all.

To keep peace in your house, provide each animal with their own space. No one enjoys spending every second of everyday with someone, and cats are no different. Set up a retreat, either in an open crate, a corner or a box to give the cat space to get away from everything.

Use the vertical space in your home to give cats a place to climb and look out over their surroundings. Cat trees are specially designed for this, or you can clear off a shelf or the top of a cabinet to give them room to grow. Each cat should also have their own perch.

Exercise helps with weight; it can also help to release energy. Pets are similar to children in that they are less likely to get into trouble if they have something to do. Activity and stimulation are both helpful in keeping the peace.

If there is suddenly aggression between your cats and none was present before, there could be medical issues to blame. Pain or illness can cause cats to become aggressive with others in their vicinity. Make an appointment with your vet to rule out any medical conditions.

There are situations when cats truly don’t like one another, but in many cases giving each cat their own space with reduce the tension, altercations and aggression.