Costumes and candy are exciting, but Halloween can be a traumatic and dangerous time for your pets. These tips can help keep the ghouls and goblins away and your pets safe and happy!

  • Opening the front door to trick-or-treaters can be a perfect time for pets to make their getaway, so keep collars and identification tags on your pets.
  • Keep pets in an area away from the door during trick-or-treating hours. Overly friendly pets could frighten children and too many visitors could be traumatizing.
  • Halloween is notorious with pranks and shenanigans. Don’t allow pets to fall victim to pranksters, keep them inside where you can keep a watchful eye on them.
  • Be careful lighting jack-a-lanterns with pets around. Curious kittens and wagging tails can lead to burns and disaster.
  • Seasonal decorations may be wonderful additions to your home, but they can pose safety risks for pets. Electrical cords can be very harmful, yet tempting chew toys.
  • Don’t take your pets trick-or- treating. Too many people, costumes, and noise may lead to an overwhelmed and uncontrollable pet.
  • Costumes are fun for children and adults, but pets don’t always find them as exciting. Costumes can be downright annoying for pets. If you insist your pet dresses up, make sure to find an outfit that fits comfortably and doesn’t restrict vision, hearing, movement or hearing.
  • Candy should be kept out of pet’s reach. Chocolate, xylitol, and even the wrappers can be hazardous and deadly.

Halloween doesn’t have to be filled with spooks. Use these tips to keep your pets safe and your holiday filled with more treats than tricks!