The Fourth of July is synomis with fireworks… and lost dogs. It is very common for dogs to fear fireworks and try to run from the noise. Dogs can hear sounds approximately 4 times as far as humans, so they are particularly sensitive to loud noises. Follow our tips to keep your dogs safe and happy during the celebrations.

  1. Play music or turn on the tv to drown out the sound of fireworks.
  2. If you have a basement, remain there with your dog until the fireworks have finished. The cinder blocks will help to muffle the noise and prevent your pet from becoming anxious.
  3. You can use earmuffs to protect your dog’s ears from the noise. We suggest purchasing a pair designed    for air travel, as these will be harder for your pet to take off.
  4. Give your dog a bone or tasty treat to divert his attention during the fireworks display.
  5. Animal experts suggest placing your dog’s crate in a dark room, preferably in an inner space without windows, and placing a blanket over the crate to create a refuge for your pet.
  6. If your pet is extremely fearful, talk with your veterinarian about an anti-anxiety medication to soothe his nerves and comfort them during the displays.

After the fireworks are over don’t forget to walk through the yard and remove any remaining sparklers or fireworks debris. With a few precautions and a little extra attention, your pets are sure to love the holidays as much as you.