With summer in full swing, that refreshing water looks more than inviting. Playing and relaxing in the water can be a great afternoon for you and your pet. Before you take your furry friend on an underwater adventure, here are a few safety concerns to remember:

1.  Watching your dog in the water just like you would a child. Parental guidance is the most important aspect of water safety. Keep a close eye on your 4- legged friend and be prepare to intervene if trouble awaits.

2.  People and pets should follow the same water safety rules. “Do Not Swim” and “Beach Closed” are warnings for both you and your pet. Warnings are posted for a reason and are there to protect you and your pet from impending danger.

3.  Keep in mind that not all dogs are natural born swimmers. Short legs, dense bodies, short tails, age, or fear of water are all things that can prevent your dog from swimming. Before you toss that ball into the lake, be sure to test their swimming skills in a controlled situation with adequate attention.

4.  Don’t let your pet swim in contaminated water. Avoid water that smells or flows from a less than desirable area. If you wouldn’t want to swim in it, then by all means do not let your pet.

5.  Temperature affects your furry friend too! Swimming in cold waters can lead to hypothermia in a dog just as easily as it can in you. Also keep in mind that pets can suffer heat stokes in extreme heat.

6.  Even though they may be surrounded by bodies of water, try not to let your pet drink too much of it. Man-made and natural bodies of water both contain chemicals that can harm pets it large quantities are consumed. Always keep fresh water for you and your furry friend.

7.  If your pet suffers from frequent skin or ear infections then swimming should not take place on a regular basis. The constant water on their coat could produce infections and the chlorine could dry their skin.

8.  If you are using a life vest, then your pet should too! Both you and your pet should wear a life vest in water that is too deep for you to stand in. When selecting a vest for your pet, be sure that it is sized for a perfect and comfortable fit.

9.    When boating with your four legged friend, it is important to secure them. If is very easy for a dog to fall into the water, so be sure to have them in a contained place, free from boat propellers.

10.  After you are finished swimming, end the day with a bath! It is important to wash the animals coat to remove debris and irritants.

So grab your goggles and your pooch for a refreshing and fun filled swim!