There is Spot, Rover, Fluffy, Fido, Blackie and the list goes on and on. One of the best parts about a new pet is selecting a name for them. Do you name the animal based on its looks and personality or do you dig out that baby name book? It seems that the latter option is the newest trend in pet names.

In recent years, humanlike names have trumped the classic pet names, such as Fido or Fluffy. According to VPI, the top dog and cat names for 2012 were also some of the top baby names. Many experts agree that many pet owners view their four legged friends as family members rather than pets. So what has this name trend on the rise? As pets play more prominent roles in our lives as companions, we tend to bestow on them more human like qualities.

So grab your leashes and start walking Spot and Kitty, there are new top dogs and cats in town. Here are the top pet names for 2012:

Top Dog Names: Top Cat Names:
1.Bella         1.  Bella
2.Bailey         2.  Max
3.Max         3.  Chloe
4.Lucy         4. Oliver
5.Molly         5. Lucy
6.Buddy         6.  Smokey
7.Daisy         7.  Shadow
8.Maggie         8.  Tiger
9.Charlie         9.  Charlie
10.Sophie         10. Tigger


Humanlike names are usually more prevalent among dogs, while unisex descriptive words are more popular among cats. While it is highly debatable, you could infer that pet owners have a stronger bond and more personal relationship with their dogs, giving them more human names. According to a recent study, pets that live indoors are more likely to have a human name than those who live outside.

Now that you have adopted your new furry friend, you have the exciting challenge of naming them! Here are a few our tips for naming your pet :

  • Make sure it fits. Consider waiting a few days after adopting your new furry friend to name name it. After getting a better feel for his or her quirks and behavior, you will be able to choose a name that fits the pets personality best. Maybe Fluffy isn’t really the best name for a hairless cat…
  • Keep it simple. While you may really love the name “Princess Sun Goddess”, it might not be the best name for your new four legged friend. Names that are too long or wordy can be difficult for the animal to understand. Try and select a name that is short, simple and easily said and heard.
  • Make it appropriate.