The time has come to set our clocks forward and pack away the winter box of scarves and gloves, but are our pets ready for spring too? After a good brushing, nail trimming, and bath your furry friend will be ready to bark goodbye to winter.

All pet parents have seen it, you just finished cleaning yet thanks to our four legged friends there are hairballs and dust bunnies everywhere. As temperatures rise, animals begin to shed their fur (usually all over your house!) Make an appointment with the groomer to cut that winter coat and start a new brushing regimen. Brushing your animal’s coat a few times a week will remove any excess fur and debris from their coat, not to mention add a little extra bonding time.

Trying to chase Fido down, corraling him into the tub, protecting yourself and the bathroom from the unavoidable water shake off, and then cleaning up afterward… bathtime isn’t always easy, but it is a must. Dogs and cats both need a bath this time of year to remove the dander and smell of winter.

It is important to trim your dog’s nails throughout the year, but spring is the time to trim them a little closer than normal. We suggest having either the vet or a professional groomer trim the animals nails. While there are many at home options, it can be difficult to cut the nail to the desired length. Many pet parents either trim the dog’s nails too close to the quick, resulting in bleeding and pain for the dog, or do not trim them short enough, causing an overgrown quick.

Just like people, our furry friends need medicine too! Pollen and other spring allergies can affect pets just as they do humans. If your pet is suffering from sneezing, coughing, watery eyes or a runny nose, talk to your vet about seasonal allergy relief. Spring is also the time of year to think about flea and tick prevention. Talk to your veterinarian about a treatment plan for your pets and when is the best time to start applying it.

Schedule those “paw-d-cures” and trip to the vet’s office and soon your pet will be as ready for spring as you are!